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A research indicates that almost 80% of people throughout the world are stressed.

Say no to Stress

Come join Human Science and eliminate 60% of your stress at one go .. with our human reformation technique which is based on scientific parameters.

We not only eliminate your stress but also entertain you - experience stage play, drama, music, laughter shows, celebrity events and avail amazing services of our ayurvedic restaurant, grooming centre, live sports club activities and income opportunity for our members in the form of incentive plan. Read More ...

Humans Ka service centre

“Human Science is a revolution, that makes your life beautiful”


In today’s world, the first thing which comes in every individual's life is Stress. Most of the people are not even aware that they are facing some or the other means of stress which is causing adverse effects not only on them but also on nature & creation as well.

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Savor the taste that leaves healthy impressions on your brain for whatever you eat is 'food for thought'. We invite you to our upcoming ayurvedic kitchen service to equip your body and mind with freshness and purity.

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We offer facilities like Ayurvedic massages, laser treatment, cosmetic surgeries, dental treatment, and other exciting personal grooming facilities at mega-exciting prices. Recreate yourself by being a member of Human Science and avail the offers complementing the

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Human Reformation Technique

It is simple yet very effective method which when practiced detoxifies our lower level of consciousness which indirectly leads our mind, body and emotions to leave all sad, bad, low, negative, inappropriate and impure tendencies effortlessly and bring it back to the higher level.

This technique works like a modem, charger, internet & antivirus works on a system the same way this technique works on all humam beings.

Listed are the benefits that one shall experience:

Human Science


We all know how tough our lives are and how badly we are destroying our nature and creation. How our present generation is already facing the repercussions of the damage done on all levels (mental, social, ...

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Human Science


Connecting with Human Science will make you inspire millions of life effortlessly .We all have learned things from our past generation, come it may be studies , working style , ways of responding to different issues ...

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Human Science


Want to know your power? Let’s connect and you will realize the meaning of Impossible to “I am possible”. Connecting with human is not only beneficial on a long run, but also there are instant benefits to it ...

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Customer Testimonial

Kashish Narang

Great experience, can’t be explained in words. Felt energetic, calm mind and body. Didn’t wanted to speak much after the technique practice. Getting a sound sleep, Stress is eliminated to a great extent.A great invention by Mr. Chandela . If 30minutes can change this much in me, I think if I practise it lifetime, my whole life can change.So, highly recommended to all specially youngsters who are stressed.

Abhay Jangra

Come and enjoy the best of reform and entertainment.... life is really awesome after this.Thank you Human Science for helping me out in changing my life .

Ranveer Singh

The most awesome technology i have ever experienced NICE INITIATIVE.

Srishti Sharma

Human science is one of the best things I have come across! I could have never imagined that a solution to human miseries also exist in the world . I simply love it and am sure this will reform the world

Phire Bhati

It is beyond imagination. Something that can transform you completely.

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