In The Beginning...

Human Science Story

Human Science is the result of one man’s quest to understand life. In 2006, the pursuit to understand human life in context of mind, body, intellect, emotions and self began with various observational patterns of life stages. The study began with interactions and understanding existing expertise and patterns, but they were mostly driven towards only philosophical solutions, whereas the search was for a technical knowledge and understanding at grass root level. During the study, it was found that even extremely happy people deal with stress in life. Therefore, an educative study by observing infant, adolescent, and adult life stages was conducted and solutions derived accordingly.

Human Science was established in 2011 to observe and change things technically. Initially, the search started with spiritual practices and scientific researches, but there was more to wonder, where people know more about the human body, mind, emotions, intellect, life, creation and nature in balance. Why anything happens, what are the pros and cons of it? Later, to resolve the curiosity, the practice of observing people was conducted which led to a conclusion and the real cause was discovered about why the problems and stress invades life. Human Science believed that only identifying the issues and having intentions to solve it, can’t solve the problems, it needs knowledge and real life technique.

A single technique with great power to eliminate stress and anxiety from anyone’s life and bring joy and happiness was developed.


We all know how tough our lives are and how badly we are destroying our nature and creation. How our present generation is already facing the repercussions of the damage done on all levels (mental, social, financial, intellectual, political, global, creational and individual) and what impact it will have on the future generation. Thus, we at Human Science introduce you to a world which is alive, awesome and beyond the ordinary. The founder has his 12 years of heart and soul into finding the solution to all the miseries on all levels and here we are with a solution to all of them and are keen to share it with you. So join us and be the part of the biggest reformation that the world aspires for and together we can be the change and create a better world for all of us and our next generation.


Connecting with Human Science will make you inspire millions of life effortlessly .We all have learned things from our past generation, come it may be studies , working style , ways of responding to different issues , accepting or not accepting things , handling situations , saving money and how to or how not to fulfil our responsibilities as human. But we know that most of the things were wrongly taught or not taught to us at all. Things like how to have positive thinking, how to eliminate stress, how keep life fit on every level, how to keep ourselves beautiful, how to not search for happiness from outer world, how to be internally vibrant, what to do what not to do and the list goes on. Connecting with human science will not only make your life amazing and lively but will also inspire you to spread it across the people and motivate them to have a beautiful life and creation which we all dream about.


Want to know your power? Let’s connect and you will realize the meaning of Impossible to “I am possible”. Connecting with human is not only beneficial on a long run, but also there are instant benefits to it:
1: Connect with amazing people in real life, better than depressing and fake people on social media platforms.
2: Celebrate life on daily basis (Rejoice, sing, dance) without getting under the influence of anything.
3: Keep life on right path with right people and create a better world effortlessly.
4: Earn incentives as automatic side income (money is our basic necessity).
5: Thousands of medical, physical and mental benefits. Joining us will definitely revive you from all small or critical medical challenges (proven and practiced).
6: Start practicing Human Reformation Technique and live an awesome stress free life. Nothing bad or temporary will ever bother you. (T&C: you will have to practice      it properly).
7: Feel responsible towards your family, society and overall life.
8: We are responsible for everything that happens in this world. With you we can shape a beautiful and non destructive world. So let's connect and bring reforms.

Our Aim

Human Science serves people from all stages, background, Social Discrete and forums. It works on phenomenon of ‘Reformation’, rather than transformation, as Human Science believes, that change and better conscience resides within us, just the right path is to be attained. Most of the worldly problems are because of ignorance and people lack knowledge about them. Human Science provides platform and knowledge to eradicate them.

In present times, everyone is indulging in polluting Air, Water and destroying natural resources in one way or the other, 70% - 80% people don’t have the access to the basic necessities and living quality in its purest form. Our technique is derived to address all such issues.

Human Science aims at creating a basic structure and revives the real basics of life. Human Science is free for children, armed forces, senior citizens and underprivileged*. (T & C apply)