'Human Science' is the world's first technically approached, experts based organization founded by Mr. Ranveer Singh Chandela, to study and resolve varied human life miseries.

In our organization, the in-depth technical knowledge of human existence, is devoted to permanently eliminate all kinds of stress (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual) and negative tendencies from all the social establishments.

It brings our Mind, Body, Emotions and Intellect in one balanced tune, which is the cause of most of the miseries. Human Life expands its base, with Science as its tool, to improvise human life quality.


The Science Behind the Technique.

All of us are just designed to have the higher level of consciousness, the Higher level which perceives everything around as good and feels cheerful. It is simple yet very effective method which when practiced detoxifies our lower level of consciousness which indirectly leads our mind , body and emotions to leave all sad, bad, low, negative, inappropriate and impure tendencies effortlessly and bring it back to the higher level.

The Reformation Technique works exactly like an antivirus, charger, modem and an internet connection on all the Human Beings.

What Reformation Technique does?

It is a simple method which when practiced regularly detoxifies our consciousness of the lower or inappropriate tendencies and helps us accomplish higher or pure tendencies, thus a higher state of Life and Joy.


Benefits of The Human Reformation Technique

There are a lot of benefits of The Human Reformation Techniques. If practiced continuously as per the correct procedure, it has wonderful effects on the overall persona of an individual.

Listed are the benefits that one shall experience:

  Reveals the secret of life to live unconditionally happy and gives unshakable steady mind.

  Makes life easy and happening, with the actual secret A,B,C,D of life, Business, Career, Relationship, Studies, Health and Humanity.

  Increases memory, brain functioning and power of mind.

  Brings joy, peace and happiness in life.

  Gives a never seen before concentrated knowledge to become responsible and financially more strong.

  Helps removing bad habits and increases creativity.

  Helps in understanding and improving personal life.

  Helps with Focus and Concentration, so that one can perform well in every field (eg Business, Studies, Job, Family, Love Partner relationship or Health).

  Develops a good and responsible character.

  Resolves all kind of phobias, fears and insomnia relatted problems.

  Increases compassion, grows wisdom and changes attitude towards life.

  Brings self confidence and well behaved dynamic personality.

  Helps make accurate judgments and brings greater understanding of life.

  Increases Intelligence, growth rate and will power.

  Improves relationships, physical productivity, emotional stability and feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.

  Helps understanding the motive of life.

  It Increases the Happiness quotient, a feeling of everlasting Joy by reducing the biggest reason for the lower level of consciousness that is Stress (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual).

  It increases the Mental Strength and Resistance for Sad, Bad, Low, Negative and Impure tendencies. It makes a person resilient to pain and distress.

  It helps in maintaining focus despite distractions and strength to counter stressful situations.

  It creates a relaxed state of mind and body thus helping it tackle any situation with clarity and act in unison.

  It reduces feelings of loneliness and worry, thus reducing tendency of anti-social behavior and social isolation.

  It aims for an overall well being of an Individual and the positive connectivity with the world.

  It increases longevity.

Moreover it helps all age groups and sections of Individuals like


It makes children confident so that they no longer have fears and anxiety problems facing people or opening up to their parents.


It helps in releasing negative thoughts which often stray people in this age into inappropriate tendencies. Their anger is reduced and they have a better control on their moods. Their tendency to get depressed reduced a lot, thus helping them achieve happiness and more satisfaction from what they do.